This Shabbat I posted a question on social media about Noah. In mainstream media (Sunday Schools & Bible studies) we’re taught that Noah attempted to warn others of the destruction The Most High had planned. While believable, it’s not written anywhere in Torah. My concern is always not adding to our taking away from HIS word. Growing up I always pictured Noah in a Paul Revere fashion, running around yelling “the end is coming, the end is coming”. Through studies of my own I realize there’s nothing written in Torah to back up such a theory, but someone did point out the non verbal warnings given to the wicked people around him. While I believe the Most High’s mind was clearly made up about the destruction of all the Earth, others could have taken head to the non verbal warnings of building the ark and the gathering of the animals. I’ve thought about this before, but today while talking with my husband I began to consider the impact of non verbal communication. We take so much in through our eyes, but I never realized that we can definitely do more than just see with them. The things we see can make us gain a deeper understanding. People watching Noah build the ark or noticing the gathering of the animals could have brought on a feeling of needing to repent, although clearly not because we know the results of the flood. I began to think about all of the warnings I might have missed due to not listening to the things I see. It’s important that we pay more attention to what’s going on around us. The Most High might choose to use someone else’s actions to warn us. We need to learn to pay attention to the non verbal communication of others so we don’t end up drowning in the flood, but repenting and getting instructions to build our own arks as well. Shalom
– Charisma

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