I’m so glad you decided to join me on my journey. I am looking forward to sharing bits of my life and thoughts as they pertain to being young, set apart, and most importantly…having fun. Through studying the word of The Most High, I know what it means to be Set-Apart, to stand out, to let my light shine. I intend to do that and share some of those moments with you through modest fashions, healthy eating & exercise (sometimes….i guess LOL), and just glimpses of my everyday life. Now, there is soooooo much still for me to learn and improve on…healthy eating & exercise 😉 . I’ve only been working toward my “Set-Apartness” for about 3 years now so please don’t hold anything against me, unless I clearly loose my mind, and I am open for any suggestions any of you have so we all can improve! I want to build a sisterhood with all women, young & seasoned. Our connecting and learning from each other is needed to provide healing for our people. So always feel free to leave a comment. Stop by my facebook, instagram, and youtube. And please like, share, and subscribe to the content and encourage other women to do the same. SEE YOU SOON!…Shalom


2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

    1. Shalom! Thanks 😄 I’ve been walking in the truth for 3 years as well! It’s an amazing journey. I want to build relationships with sisters from all around. So don’t be shy and I won’t either.


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